I capture YOU.  I capture your wedding.  I photograph the truth of it and I make it look like the great, unique day that it was.

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there.  A lot of them are very good, but very expensive.  A lot of them are just expensive.  I'm very good and my price is extremely affordable. Don't pay way too much for another photographer's idea of what you and your fianc√© are, based on what he or she has already done for other clients.  You are YOU.  Your day is different.

So why should you hire me?  Because I understand one fundamental thing about weddings...

EVERY WEDDING IS DIFFERENT.  Because EVERY PERSON and EVERY COUPLE is different.  I've never been to 2 weddings that are the same.  They are all unique and awesome and scary and wonderful and amazing and funny and extraordinary in their own way.  I LOVE weddings.  The only day of MY OWN life that was more amazing than MY wedding day was the day my son was born.

I understand this.  I WANT your day to be different.  I WANT your pictures to be like NO OTHER wedding pictures.  I tailor what I do on your wedding day to YOU.  I want to capture your personality, but not in a gimmicky, trite or hackneyed way.  I want to tell the truth of it - of who you two ARE, the awesomeness of it, the greatness of YOUR WEDDING DAY.

Hello there Bride and Groom to be and Congratulations!!!

You are getting married! 

So, here you are.  You've probably already picked out the dress.  Most couples have decided on the wedding dress by the time they start shopping for the wedding photographer.  Maybe you've picked out the caterer, or know where you want the wedding to take place.  Of course you've already compiled a guest list (here's a hint - just invite everybody).  Best Man?  Maid of Honor?  These positions have probably been filled since before you both met each other.  Maybe you have a wedding planner and its a cast of thousands. Maybe you just want shots of you both running out of city hall on the way to a small reception with just a few friends.  Maybe you've done nothing and this is your first stop.

No matter HOW you're playing it, as I've said... 

Here.  You.  Are.

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