The most BASIC question is whether or not you will need 2 photographers. Here is a very basic guide...

1 Photographer:  If your event has only intermittent entertainment and a crowd of less than 150.

2 photographers:  If you event has constant entertainment and a crowd of more than 150.

That is a very general guide.  Your event's circumstances may be different than that, but it gives you an idea of what you might need and how I can accommodate  you.

Either way, J. Sheldon Photography shoots your event and the whole thing will be well recorded, artistically rendered and not a moment will be missed.

Each package comes with a full digital record of the entire shoot, as well as a healthy supply of retouched "Finals" (the number depends upon the length and breadth of the shoot).  These finals are supplied to you in various file sizes appropriate for everything from Facebook postings to wall hangings.  Everything is completely digital, and turnover for images can happen THAT NIGHT (so you can post to social media in a prompt and timely fashion.)​

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Concerts, fund raisers, announcement parties, anniversaries, live theatrical performances, birthdays, receptions of all kinds.

I'll shoot your event and it'll look the way that you remember it happening.

Depending on the event, and how much of a photographic record that you need, I can use 1 photographer or 2 photographers.  If you choose just 1 photographer, then that 1 photographer just roams the crowd taking guest shots, taking shots of what is happening on stage, podium or mic, and various "still lifes" (centerpieces, decorations, etc).  IF you choose 2 photographers then you can have 1 photographer shooting the stage area at all times and the other shooting the crowd and guests at all times.  Most events can be shot with 1 photographer.  But some larger events require 2 photographers.  It always depends on the nature of the event and what you need.  Of all the different types of photography I do, Events are the least easy to predict.  They are, however, the most exciting.  My communication with you, and my understanding what you need, is essential.  

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