What is a good headshot?  That's a good question, and one I try to define uniquely for each artist.  I've seen a lot of trends come and go, but the one that has lasted the longest is the most basic - well lit face, solid background, confident expression. 

A good headshot should not seem "posed".  I see a lot of headshots where the subject looks contorted and uncomfortable and, frankly, not at all like themselves.  A good headshot should look like you, comfortable, confident, positive and engaged with the viewer.

Basically, you have to look like YOU AT YOUR BEST.  My goal as your photographer is to make sure that you can not only use your headshots in this town, but you can travel with them - to New York, Chicago, LA or wherever - and not be shamed into believing that you need new headshots once you get there. As long as you keep your current "look", a headshot from me should last you for years.

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I also keep it affordable.  Most actors, artists and performers have no money.  And by "most" I mean 99%.  That headshot photographers charge so much nowadays is a crime.  It's cost prohibitive for an actor to get professional headshots, and in a day and age where almost EVERYONE is carrying a camera with them at all times, its going to end up driving away business from ALL photographers.  Because, guess what fellow photographers - soon they will have an app for that.  Actors will be able to go online and purchase a .99 cent app that will enable their phone to take a headshot of them.  Probably a halfway decent one at that.  Why would they do that?  Because we (collectively) charge too much.

I should actually charge little more for my services.  I'd probably get more business that way. All the books on tape tell me that. Even the the books not on tape tell me that.  Okay, I don't actually read or listen to these kinds business books.  SO, you should act now before I start listening to books on tape and raise my prices.

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