J. Sheldon Photography was started in 2007 while I was living in Harlem in New York City.  While there I studied photography further at the International Center of Photography.  After the birth of my son Max, my wife and I moved back to my family home in Hinckley, Ohio, just south of Cleveland.  We lived there for a short time before buying a house in Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio six years ago.

I work from there out of my home studio and on location.  Drop by and get your picture taken!


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About Me

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​My name is Jason Sheldon and I was raised in a family of photographers. My mother had her own darkroom in our basement when I was growing up.  My Grandfather was also a photographer way back in the day. 

I turned to performance in highschool, and then studied acting, first at Cleveland State University, then at Wright State University.  Out of college, I moved to Chicago and helped run a theatre Company in the late 90's.  I also worked for many other theatre companies while in Chicago, including Mary Arrchie, The Hypocrites, and Barrel of Monkeys.

I feel that my knowledge of acting and theatre arts gives me a unique perspective on the business side of acting and what an actor and performer needs to look like and what attitude they need to portray in a headshot to get noticed out of a whole big pile of headshots.